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Welcome Purdue Catholic Students!

Empowered by the Spirit, Purdue Catholic Students strives to promote an active Catholic lifestyle for students at Purdue University.

By actively living the gospel, Purdue Catholic Students is committed to building our faith community, sharing our faith, strengthening our Christian conscience, working for justice and facilitating the personal development of leaders for the future.

In order to fulfill our mission we strive to:

  • Foster a sense of fellowship by encouraging participation in ministry and activities
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth and deepening the understanding of God’s word, including its application through social justice
  • Provide a link between Purdue student parishioners and resident parishioners
  • Offer opportunities for community service
  • And facilitate an on-going integration of faith in our daily life

We call our membership to carry out its commitment in a respectful and joyful manner, consistent with the Gospel, seeking to be a visible, active and welcoming organization for all students.

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Meet our PCS Officers


William Feeks

PCS President | wfeeks@purdue.edu

Major: Management & Marketing, Junior

How I got involved at St. Tom’s: By some prompting of the Holy Spirit I’m sure, I began to go to Daily Mass during Lent my freshman year. The beginning of my sophomore year, I went to a PCS Socials event not knowing a soul, and one of the upper classmen approached me and introduced himself (my first St Tom’s friend!). From there, I began to spend more time at St Tom’s and was invited to join an Ignite group. I fell in love with this community and am now doing my best to serve it.

Favorite Bible Verse: Matthew 16:18 “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”

Bio: I am from Mishawaka, IN, which is a smaller town adjacent to South Bend, so I usually have to tell people that I am from South Bend. I’m the youngest of six kids and have 2 nieces and 3 nephews (with 2 more on the way!). I went to a small Christian high school called Trinity School at Greenlawn, where I played goalie for the varsity soccer team, participated in the Mock Trial program, and sang in the Chamber Choir and Men’s Choir. I’m probably best known for having an extensive knowledge of useless information and rather obscure movie references (I often watch Jeopardy! On Netflix just for fun), and for being one of the only individuals under the age of 57 who regularly does the newspaper crosswords.

Things that I am a big fan of: The Lion King, Star Wars, Country Music, It’s A Wonderful Life, making announcements, fix-it projects, trampolines, and Clint Eastwood.


Ollie Moser

PCS Vice President and Treasurer | omoser@purdue.edu

Major: Construction Management Technology, Sophomore

How I got involved at St. Tom’s: I originally went on New Student Overnighter (NSO) my freshman year and got signed up for just about every intramural that I could. From there, I was selected as the NSO Coordinator for this past 2019 year. I got involved heavily in that ministry, and went to just about every Wednesday night mass second semester and from there it all fell into my schedule.

Favorite Bible Verse: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10).

Bio: I was born in Lebanon, Indiana where I lived for a while until I moved to West Lafayette (so yes that does make me a townie). I went to Harrison High School in town, and then got involved in many things. I swam all four years in high school as well as all four years I was in the marching band and did concert band.

I am 1 of 5 kids. My last name (Moser) is an acronym for all the children in my family, in age order. (Maebel, Oliver, Sherman, Edith and Ruth).

At Purdue, I got heavily involved in intramurals, doing anything from every form of soccer to water polo and volleyball. I am an avid sports fan. I love football and basketball, so if you ever want to talk Purdue sports just lmk, and I’d love to tell you how good our football/basketball team will be next season. Key word next season 😉


Lindsey Prommer

PCS Secretary | lprommer@purdue.edu

Major: Supply Chain, Information, and Analytics, Junior

How I got involved at St. Tom’s: I first got involved at St. Tom’s by going to Sunday Mass and then the Boiler Awakening retreat my freshman year. Since then, I have become involved in the St. Tom’s music ministries, staffing Boiler Awakening and New Student Overnighter, Ignite bible studies, teaching religious ed classes, and PCS Sports!

Favorite Bible Verse: “God is within her, she will not fall.” (Psalm 46:5)

Bio: I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago where I lived with my two siblings and our parents until coming to Purdue. In my free time, I love to sing (shoutout to the St. Tom’s choirs!), play volleyball, hang out with friends, research theology, listen to music, and kick butt at card games. I came to Purdue in hopes of finding an academic home at Krannert, and I was graced with discovering my spiritual home at St. Tom’s. As PCS secretary, I hope to help you find your home here too through the PCS community and incredible ministries we are so blessed to have! The relationships that form in our faith community are so special to me and I cherish all of the stories that come from them. I’d absolutely love to hear about your journey and learn how to best walk with you towards our ultimate Home. Let me know if you‘d ever like to chat!


Theresa Carpenter

PCS Intern | carpen76@purdue.edu

Major: Psychological Sciences, Applied Exercise and Health, Senior

How I got involved at St. Tom’s: It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I really started to get involved at St. Tom’s. After going on a spring break mission trip to Cuba with Fr. Patrick and other amazing Boiler Catholics, I dove into all the amazing opportunities this community offers – including Religious Education, Boiler Awakening, and PCS Sports.

Favorite Bible Verse: “The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want” (Psalm 23)

Bio: I am from South Bend, IN. If you ever find yourself there, go to a pizza place called Rocco’s. I personally believe it makes the best pizza on the planet, but I have not tried every pizza on the planet so that is not an accurate representation. They have really good pizza though. My interests/hobbies include playing sports (all types, but my favorite is basketball), rewatching all of the Harry Potter films, quoting vines, and taking long walks on the beach. If you ever need someone to hoop with or want a recommendation for the best compilation of vines, hit me up!