Haiti Ministry 2021 Calendar

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The Haiti Ministry is calling for artwork in the forms of photographs and drawings (by YOU) to be featured in our 2021 Calendar that will go on sale in the fall. 

  • We encourage you to use your God-given creativity and talent! 
  • Artwork can highlight a beautiful moment you captured or experienced in nature, with your family, while traveling, at home, at church, in Haiti, another country, etc. 
  • Photographs and drawings should be inspired by the Haitian Proverbs listed below. 
  • Submit your artwork to Genevieve Viduya at gviduya@gmail.com with ‘Haiti Calendar’ in the subject line. 
    • The name of your file should be saved as ‘LastName.Firstname’.
    • In the body of the email, include a description of your artwork and/or the Haitian Proverb that inspired your submission. 
    • Submission deadline is Sunday, July 19 by 9:00 p.m. 

Submissions will be posted on St. Tom’s Haiti Ministry Facebook Page and on BoilerCatholics.org. The winning submissions will be chosen by popular vote on Facebook and Flocknote. Winners will be revealed on Sunday, August 2. 

Haitian Proverbs are sayings in the Haitian culture that reveal a general truth or insight into the many underlying attitudes of the people. 

Below are the twelve Haitian Proverbs that will be in our 2021 calendar. Please use these proverbs as inspiration. 

  1. Bondye di ou: fè pa ou, M’a fè pa’M.
    God says to you, “You do your part, I’ll do Mine.”  
    Do what you can and God will take care of the rest. 

  2. Fòk ou chache konn chemen anvan ou pran wout.
    You must learn the way before you take to the road.
    Think before you act.

  3. Se pa tout bagay ki aprann lekol.
    Not everything in life is learned at school.
    Some things are mysteries. Some lessons in life must be learned from experience.

  4. Se je pa we ke pa tounen.
    What the eye doesn’t see doesn’t move the heart.
    You need to experience some situations firsthand to truly understand them.

  5. Si ou vle ale vit, ale pou kont li. Si ou vle ale byen lwen, ale ansanm.
    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
    You can do greater things when you work with others.

  6. Yon sel dwet pa manje kalalou.
    A single finger cannot eat okra.
    It takes more than one person to accomplish things.

  7. Tout zanmi gen zanmi.
    All friends have friends.
    What you tell your friends will get around.

  8. Nanpwen cho ki pa vin frèt.
    There’s no heat that doesn’t cool down.
    No situation is permanent.

  9. Timoun se riches malere.
    Children are the riches of the poor.  
    Do what you can and God will take care of the rest. 

  10. Sèl pa vante tèt li di li sale.
    Salt does not boast to itself that it is salty.
    Let others say how good you are.

  11. Fok ou bat tanbou a pou tande son li.
    You must beat the drum to hear its sound.
    You must talk to people to find out who they are.

  12. Piti Piti wazo la fè nich li.
    Little by little, the bird builds its nest.
    Be patient, things take time.