Bridges of Hospitality

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We seek to build bridges between international and domestic students by hosting a 3-week dinner series at St. Tom’s on Friday nights.

We hope to provide participating students, regardless of their religious and cultural backgrounds, with a welcoming, hospitable environment in which they can feel comfortable, appreciated, and heard. And, we eat some great food!

We take seriously the mission Pope Francis gives to us of creating a “culture of encounter.”

If you are interested in becoming a student leader, or you would like to attend the dinners (international and domestic students welcome!), please contact:

“For me this word is very important. Encounter with others. Why? Because faith is an encounter with Jesus, and we must do what Jesus does: encounter others. We live in a culture of conflict, a culture of fragmentation, a culture in which I throw away what is of no use to me, a culture of waste… we must go out to meet them, and with our faith we must create a “culture of encounter”, a culture of friendship, a culture in which we find brothers and sisters, in which we can also speak with those who think differently, as well as those who hold other beliefs, who do not have the same faith.”Pope Francis